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Finally started watching Doctor Who on Netflix, am officially addicted. I knew it would happen sooner or later.
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Why I'm having surgery next Wednesday ---->

Just looking forward to this being done and over with. And I get to spend some of my recovery time studying for a midterm! SO EXCITED.

Is it weird I was more nervous getting my vertical labret done than this surgery? IDK, I've had more serious surgery than this, so I'm pretty worry-free. As long as they don't give me an antibiotic after surgery that I end up being allergic to again, like last time (and the time before).
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I have read more books in a month since I got my Kindle than I have in the past two years. Best Christmas/Chanukah present ever

Ooh, finally posting some somewhat good news!
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I have the best spring break plans ever! More spinal surgery, yay.

I never seem to update my LJ with good news.
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Yesss. So happy. My limited edition Buffy soda finally came in the mail today.

Bad picture I took:

Better picture from site:
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I don't think I have ever been so blind-sided by an author's politics in their fic as I am right now. I was just reading a random Harry/Jacob Black fic, and it was perfectly unoffensive, weird/cute/funny, whatever, until I got to the last half of the last chapter (except the epilogue) - when I read this:

idek )

Yeah, gay people - If you really want to get married why don't you just move to another country!?

That was only one of the polite opinions expressed. It's just a giant clusterfuck. I know that authors sometimes have to write outside of their own beliefs for their characters, but I see absolutely no reason, unless these are the views of the author, for Harry and Jacob to get into this absolutely random and unnecessary conversation.

Then, of course, there is a statement in the author's profile condemning homophobia.
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I just received 20 Dreamwidth Invite Codes, so leave a comment if you want one!
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I mentioned this at the last [ profile] gqmf_dc meetup, but I forgot to post it until now!

Ryan Seacrest's dramatic readings of New Moon on his radio show - I put together a playlist of the ones I could find:
^If you don't want to use the embed.
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I LOVE THE GQMFs at [ profile] ontd_startrek! I opened my present today from my Secret Santa and it is awesome!


THANK YOU SO MUCH [ profile] tristesses!!!
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Fuck swine flu, seriously. I reallly do not need to miss all my classes this week.
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I finally did it! The poll pretty much confirmed where I was leaning already and aforestgrew it was :) If you missed my poll and have no idea who this is, xxwildathart has become [ profile] aforestgrew.
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So, my computer just froze. Whatever, no big deal. Except I start back up and open my browser (which I have set to open to last open tabs/windows) and it comes up to just the welcome page. Every single one of my, probably 90ish open tabs (yes I know that's crazy), is gone. Because apparently my History is gone too and all my browser preferences have been wiped. FUCK
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A few completely random Trek graphics I debuted in the party post!

xhibit, Scarlett O'Hara, & a unicorn under the cut )
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This is what happens when I forget to take my sleep meds... It's 4 P.M., I have been up for 26 hours and I know I can't let myself go to sleep until at least 9 or my sleep schedule will get even more screwed up D:

SOOO, here's some cute spam... (pic heavy, beware dial-up!)

cute animals, cute guys, cute gifs... )
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I just realized that I never got around to posting some of my post-op pictures, so here I go!

Pictures & Explanation )

Yay! Anyone else have crazy scar pictures?
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Everyone here from the [ profile] ontd_startrek, I present you with welcome GIFts!

P.S. I've been thinking about replacing RPattz's head in this gif with Captain Fine's. Worthy cause Y/Y?

Dr. Horrible, Crazy Hamster, + High Fives under the cut )


Apr. 26th, 2008 01:02 am
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*originally posted, Oct 24, 2006
It's 3:10 AM right now, and the fact that I only ever post to this thing at some ungodly hour of the morning should probably tell me something.. Oh Well. I was bored the other day and I felt like writing lists. I have no idea when it started, but writing lists has become a strange habit of mine. I'll write lists about anything; characters names, fandoms, tv shows, etc. Now back to the other day when I was bored and writing lists. I wrote them, and now I'm posting them.

ETA: I revamp this whenever I feel like it

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