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I don't think I have ever been so blind-sided by an author's politics in their fic as I am right now. I was just reading a random Harry/Jacob Black fic, and it was perfectly unoffensive, weird/cute/funny, whatever, until I got to the last half of the last chapter (except the epilogue) - when I read this:

When the food arrived, they both ate massive amounts (despite any prissy arguments to the contrary Harry might have made), and their chatter got louder as they ate. The volume increased further when Harry began to drink his wine. He snuck sips to Jacob when no one was looking.

They discussed, for the first time, their views on gay culture.

Harry was upset about the views most gays take of themselves. "They try to strip their lifestyle of its 'sin' and darkness, and end up taking away its appeal in the process! No matter what they say, being gay is not at all like being straight. And the sex is certainly not just as clean and legitimate as straight sex. It's unhealthy and sometimes perverted, and that is the whole point!"

Jacob tried not to laugh, but he had to agree. Eating fecal matter was not his cup of tea either. Harry then went on to deride the queens and their bizarre search for femininity without going the whole mile and just getting a sex movement, and then the Gay Liberation movement for trying to change people's minds about something that has always gotten a mixed reaction.

"Oh and another thing: I believe that there is any point in educating children about LGBT. They need to find that for themselves."

That one surprised Jacob. "Why? Don't kids have the right to know what options they have besides being straight?"

Harry took a sip of wine before replying, "Oh, I don't believe they should have sex education at all, gay, straight, or whatever. That's private, and parents should be the ones to tell their kids that. They certainly shouldn't be lumped into a room with 20 of their peers and shown how to apply a condom to a banana and graphic slides of syphilis. I would die of embarrassment!"

Jacob did a face-palm but couldn't help but agree with him. He didn't learn anything new that was necessary in Sex Ed and really could've done without knowing some of the things that didn't apply to him. His dad gave him the talk when he was twelve, and that was enough for him. It wasn't until he was with Harry that he felt the need to do any research into enhancing their sex life, but he'd already figured out the basics long before that. Like it is imprinted in a bird's intrinsic code how to fly south, how to have sex is also imprinted in a human's code. It stood to reason.

Knowing that Harry was getting tipsy and wouldn't judge him if he disagreed with him, he said, "Why do gays have to be out there shoving themselves into the public eye, trying to convince the world that they are special? Why all this fuss about their life style? If they are being attacked, that is one thing. But you can't force people to accept you; you have to just be there until it happens naturally. And why can't they just go and live together, and shut up about it? If they want the tax benefits of a legally-acknowledged marriage, why are they living in this country where that hasn't been made legal yet?"

Harry grinned and leaned forward to tap his nose, "Exactly my point. I have no interest in watching a pride parade or glimpsing a man in a gold thong. The only person I have any interest in is you. We can make our own gay culture, together, where the possibility of going to a gay club does not exist."

(i.e., they're going to live in the middle of nowhere in Canada)

Yeah, gay people - If you really want to get married why don't you just move to another country!?

That was only one of the polite opinions expressed. It's just a giant clusterfuck. I know that authors sometimes have to write outside of their own beliefs for their characters, but I see absolutely no reason, unless these are the views of the author, for Harry and Jacob to get into this absolutely random and unnecessary conversation.

Then, of course, there is a statement in the author's profile condemning homophobia.
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